The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1453 Not Even 50 Cents

Chapter 1453 Not Even 50 Cents

Yvette was really puzzled by Lance’s determination to send her home. She could only attribute it to the fact that Lance did not dare to disobey Aunt Fiona’s orders. Yvette secretly thought that Lance was surely a mama’s boy. On the way home, she felt very apprehensive because she was not going back to Nicole’s place, but her own apartment. Yvette was worried that she would see someone that she did not want to see there. As expected, when Lance parked the car downstairs, there was also a familiar car parked not far away across the street. No one knew how long the person in the car had been waiting for. He seemed to become one with the darkness. Yvette’s pupils shrank when she saw that car. Lance sensed Yvette’s change in mood and looked over in the direction of her gaze. Someone came down from the car opposite them. It was Sean Moore. Sean stared at them with a cold gaze, and his eyes were filled with suppressed anger. Lance paused and coughed. “I thought it’s over?” He sp

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