Chapter 1456 Stay Here

Lance blinked and looked at her with deep eyes, wanting to say something. Yvette patted his shoulder. “It won’t matter if you help me this time, right? Don’t worry, no one will know!” None of them would say anything. Lance’s words were swallowed back. What else could he say? “Ms. Quimbey, if you don’t mind, why would a man like me mind?” He sat there and smiled frankly. His eyelashes were lowered, which cast a faint shadow on his face. He looked silent and reticent. There was something seductive about him. Yvette froze for a moment and smiled. “But why did you suddenly make a move just now?” She felt that at that moment, Lance was incredibly cool and handsome, so much so that she had the urge to marry him immediately. However, in retrospect, Lance was not such an impulsive person. Lance paused and shrugged. “You were about to cry, so how can I still sit in the car? Since he bullied you, it’s only right to retaliate!” In his impression, Yvette was not someone who would willi

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