The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 155 Just So Unlucky

Chapter 155 Just So Unlucky

Ines did not give up and wanted to continue saying something. However, Nicole’s phone rang at that moment. Her ringtone cut through their laughable atmosphere. Having no choice, Nicole answered it and walked out. It was Kai. “I heard that a fugitive is on the loose nearby, so just stay where you are. I’ll get someone to pick you up.” Nicole smiled and said, “It’s fine, I can go by myself.” She ignored the two people and walked past them. “Nicole…” Eric called her name. Before Nicole could react, Eric chased after her. “I’ll send you home.” Nicole raised her eyebrows and laughed lightly. She felt amazed by his boldness. ‘When are we ever on good terms with each other? He must be on drugs… I don’t need his help!’ “Don’t get me wrong. I heard that a fugitive is lurking around here, so it’s not safe. If something happens to you, I’ll probably get scolded by the netizens again.” ‘That ferocious fugitive even robbed and raped a lot of ladies before…’ Eric thought. Eric’s tone

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