The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 157 They Don’t Have a Relationship

Chapter 157 They Don’t Have a Relationship

Nicole looked at him sideways with a smirk. “Mr. Ferguson, are you trying to take advantage of this opportunity to negotiate terms with me?” Her gaze was scorching. She looked as if she would kill him if he dared to say yes. It was not a question, but a threat! Eric withdrew his gaze, started the car, and stepped on the gas pedal. He was indeed thinking of doing so, but he suddenly did not want to anymore. Eric had not even repaid her what he owed her, so who was he to talk terms? Did he want her to forgive him for the past? After some thought, this seemed very unlikely. When they arrived at the project base, Nicole could not wait to jump out of the car. Unexpectedly, Maverick was standing at the door. Nicole then ran over, jumped on Maverick, and hugged him tightly. “Is it really successful?” Maverick smiled dotingly and gave a faint “mm”. He saw Eric walking over slowly with a glum face. Although Maverick did not know why Eric looked so upset, it did not bother him.

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