The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 159 Her Love Triangle

Chapter 159 Her Love Triangle

Gerard Lichman walked over to Nicole excitedly. He was glowing with delight. “Nicole, we’ve decided to hold a press conference tomorrow to announce this good news that we’re at the forefront of the whole world in medical technology!” Nicole had the same idea for fear of worrying about someone getting ahead of them. She chuckled and was affected by Gerard’s high spirits. It was as if she did not overhear Gerard’s conversation with Eric earlier. “Good. I’ll be there on time.” “Sunner, do you want to join?” Gerard was looking forward to it. Maverick’s name could push this project even further to the top of the pyramid. Maverick shook his head in refusal. His attitude was clear. Gerard felt disappointed, but he did not dare to force this god-level genius. Eric’s dark eyes were staring intently at Nicole’s arm. It was rare for him not to be agitated over this. However, Nicole did not care. “How’s your wound? Shall we postpone the press conference?” Eric looked at her. His breath

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