The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 161 You Can Be the Lead Villain

Chapter 161 You Can Be the Lead Villain

Hearing this, Nicole lowered her head and laughed lightly. She did not show a trace of panic or fear from Ines Xavier’s threat. It was as if those words were insignificant and nothing more than a ridiculous joke. When Ines was about to explode from anger, Nicole slowly said in a dull voice, “Ms. Xavier, are you only treating me like this because of Eric Ferguson?” Having her thoughts exposed, Ines panicked for a moment but quickly calmed down. There was no need for her to hide her affection for Eric in front of Nicole. “It’s good that you know. Since you’re already divorced, get the hell out of here and stop hanging around him! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel.” Nicole looked askance at Ines and laughed coldly. ‘Ines is really overthinking this, huh?’ “I’ve never had the habit of turning back to pick up trash. You should tell him not to hang around me instead!” ‘Why do all women have to be so obsessed with Eric Ferguson? Is he even worthy? I was so blind in the past,

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