The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 163 President Nicole’s Favorite

Chapter 163 President Nicole’s Favorite

Ines Xavier had dropped out of high school after bullying her classmates and was sent abroad for a year of “reformation”. When Ines returned to Mediania, she was infatuated with Eric Ferguson, but her confession was rejected. Later, she went to Korea for full-face plastic surgery, so all of her facial features were no longer natural. Since Ines found out about Eric’s divorce, she quickly came back to Mediania again. However, what caught everyone’s attention most was the second half of the recording. “Ms. Xavier, are you only treating me like this because of Eric Ferguson?” “I’ve never had the habit of turning back to pick up trash. You should tell him not to hang around me instead!” “You want to bury Fabian? Well, I’m going to promote him. I want you to know who’s the real boss around here!” ...... The comments section exploded in a flash. [OMG! How confident do you have to be to say that? Nicole is #goals!] [President Nicole is simply a winner in life! She has hundreds of bi

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