The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 169 I Hit You on Purpose

Chapter 169 I Hit You on Purpose

Ines could not care less about anything. She went forward to tug on Gabriel Xavier’s arm. “Dad, why are you so afraid of her? That b*tch is a nobody!” Gabriel shook her off and thought about Nicole’s words, then yanked Ines back up again. His action was harsh. “Get this straight. Nicole is the successor of Stanton Corporation. She can make this company disappear with a snap of her finger, so you’d better behave yourself. If you dare to cause trouble again, I will throw you to Korea and won’t give you a penny! You can find a way to survive on your own!” Ines trembled in fear and looked terrified. ‘Nicole…’ She felt a coldness in her heart that was eerily chilling. Inside the elevator. Nicole and Eric did not say a word until they reached the door of the conference room. Logan was standing there waiting for Nicole. Seeing the two of them approaching, Logan went forward and held the door open for them. Eric’s aura was always very strong, which made others fear and admire him. No

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