The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 174 Make Another Appointment

Chapter 174 Make Another Appointment

Nicole had a lot on her plate. The development of the real estate project was not going well. The developer changed their mind at the last minute about the price they originally negotiated for. The developer wanted to raise the price by 30% on top of the original price. Of course, Nicole would not agree to it. This project was a top priority in the real estate arm of Stanton Corporation, so it was of great importance. The people sent to negotiate terms with the developer returned without success because the developer was adamant. With the stalemate, Stanton Corporation incurred a daily loss of up to ten million dollars. Grant was abroad for an inspection, so this problem fell on Nicole. Looking at the records of their previous negotiations, Nicole felt that the developer’s attitude was somewhat surprising. What was the reason for their sudden assertiveness? Logan saw Nicole’s puzzled eyes and explained, “I’ve inquired about this. It seems that someone has contacted this devel

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