The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 182 She Bought You a Present

Chapter 182 She Bought You a Present

It did not take long for Jenny Lynch’s rumors to spread like wildfire on the internet. It was shocking that a big movie star who usually never fought for anything would do such a thing. What most people were angry about was that Jenny took the netizens as fools, so most of them gloated at Jenny when she was in trouble. In an instant, all of Jenny’s partnerships and endorsement deals were suspended. She even had to pay penalties for causing damage. Since this matter could no longer be covered up, Jenny had no choice but to apologize for her mistake. She recorded an apology video and announced that she would quit the entertainment industry to inherit her family business. Thus, Jenny’s family background was also dug up with all kinds of comments surrounding it. Nicole did not expect that Jenny would be so quick to apologize. Jenny was smart to retreat nicely with some leeway instead of completely exhausting her fans’ trust in her. In a blink of an eye, Ian Carter’s birthday arrive

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