The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 184 Lacking a Girlfriend

Chapter 184 Lacking a Girlfriend

Nicole hung up the phone without giving Eric the chance to retort. That was her answer. What did his birthday have to do with her anyway? Eric’s heart sank. However, when Eric thought about what Keith told him earlier, that Nicole had bought a gift for him, she would probably attend. He felt much better after some thought. Eric’s phone call yesterday did not affect the quality of Nicole’s sleep. It was raining last night, so the sound of rain was the best lullaby. In the morning, the sky was still a bit cloudy. Nicole pushed open the door of the balcony and felt the cool morning breeze rushing in. At that moment, Ian Carter called. Nicole picked it up at once and said, “Happy birthday, Carter! Wishing you a lifetime of prosperity and longevity!” Ian laughed out loud. “Lil N, are you paying tribute to your grandpa?” Nicole snorted. “Whatever! I would’ve beaten you up if you’re not the birthday boy.” She turned on the speakerphone and went to get dressed. She put on some ligh

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