The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 202 This Mall Is Mine

Chapter 202 This Mall Is Mine

Since Chloe Snyder asked to join them, it would be rude to refuse. Nicole curled up the corners of her lips into a perfunctory smile. “Sure, it’ll be an honor.” ‘She’s clearly targeting me, right? Why?’ Nicole thought about it very hard but could not figure it out. When they arrived at a luxury brand store, the sales staff immediately recognized Nicole because she had an exclusive global membership and was their most important customer. The manager hurriedly greeted her. “Ms. Stanton, how may I help you today? We have two new arrival bags. They’re both limited editions with only three produced globally. Would you like to take a look?” Without waiting for Nicole’s response, a staff member already brought it out. It was indeed beautiful! “Wrap it up for me,” Chloe said without hesitation. Everyone instantly froze and looked at Nicole. Nicole’s eyes flickered, and her smile deepened. “Didn’t you hear Ms. Snyder?” Everyone immediately acted on orders and wrapped up the bag for

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