The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 205 Is This Compensation?

Chapter 205 Is This Compensation?

Eric’s face was glum. His eyes were imperceptible and bottomless like the ocean. The corners of his lips were taut as he stared at Nicole. Their eyes met, and time seemed to stop for an instant. After a while, Nicole retracted her gaze and lowered her eyes slightly. Her face was indifferent. This project was a sure win. There was no risk to speak of and was different from J&L Corporation’s artificial intelligence project. ‘So… Why?’ Nicole was baffled. Eric paused and hesitated slightly. “There’s no specific reason. You can choose to say yes or no.” Nicole heard this and felt her heart sinking. She seemed to realize something. Nicole hooked up the corners of her lips mockingly and said, “Mr. Ferguson, you’re deliberately giving me this as compensation for the divorce, right?” She could not think of any other reason but that. Perhaps Nicole’s words were a test. If Eric dared to say a yes, her slap would land on his face at the same moment. If she was not the heiress of

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