The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 209 Stay Away From My Son

Chapter 209 Stay Away From My Son

Nicole was a little hesitant when she received the invitation to the Carter family’s banquet. Since Ian had feelings for her, Nicole subconsciously did not want to get too involved with the Carter family. However, on second thought, this might just be a polite way to thank her for the painting. It would be petty of her to overthink things. When Nicole arrived at the Carter mansion as promised, she unexpectedly saw Chloe Snyder there as well. Chloe came earlier than she did. She was laughing with Old Master Carter and Gillian. Nicole handed over the painting she had gotten, “The Blazing Sun”. Gillian thanked her and took a glance at it. Her face stiffened slightly, but it only lasted for a moment before she regained composure. Nicole did not notice this change. She went up to greet Old Master Carter. Ian had been hiding out upstairs until he heard Nicole’s voice. He hurriedly came downstairs and smiled in surprise. “Lil N, come on up! I just flipped through our yearbook and

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