The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 211 How Is She Someone Who Will Affect the Big Picture?

Chapter 211 How Is She Someone Who Will Affect the Big Picture?

Although Nicole did not want to receive Eric Ferguson, he was already here, so she had to maintain superficial politeness. Logan held open the door of her office. Nicole walked in with big strides. She exuded such a confident and elegant aura and carried such superiority that made her so unattainable that others could only look up to her and sigh in admiration. Eric watched her back as she pushed the door in and was slightly stunned. This scene suddenly felt so familiar. That image deep in his mind surfaced for a while. In the darkness, the woman in the red dress whose face could not be seen, and the light that pierced through the night. The light that broke through the dark sky was overwhelming. He frowned slightly. That was back when he was in Europe. ‘Why did I suddenly remember this?’ ...... “Mr. Ferguson, please come in…” Logan extended his arm and politely reminded him. Eric walked in and swept a glance. The furnishing of Nicole’s office was very minimalist. The

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