Chapter 213 She’s Lying

Eric was curious why his lost ring would be in Nicole’s possession. Nicole’s eyes flickered slightly. She was obviously unwilling to answer this irritating question. However, she was even more unwilling to get entangled with Eric Ferguson. She simply told him. “I thought you knew…” ‘You should know…’ “This ring was returned to me one morning by Wendy Quade. She said that you had too much to drink the night before and slept at her place, then casually just threw it aside. So, she personally returned it to me.” Nicole would probably never forget that confrontation. That was the first time that Nicole felt such despair about their marriage. Nicole was lost in sadness, depression, and anger back then. Luckily, she managed to walk out of that darkness in time. Looking at the flicker of confusion and pain in his eyes, Nicole sneered with contempt. ‘Perhaps I was mistaken. Eric Ferguson is a cold-blooded animal without feelings. How could he feel any pain because of me? Even if he

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