The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 230 Eric Ferguson’s Gift

Chapter 230 Eric Ferguson’s Gift

Eric Ferguson stood there with a dignified aura and an extraordinary appearance. His presence was difficult to ignore. Eric was a natural leader and could command a scene wherever he went. His eyes were affixed to Nicole. This was not the first time he saw her looking so stunning, but she left him in a different state of mind each time. This time, he had a hint of nervousness under his calm and cool aura. As soon as their eyes met, everything around them seemed to stand still. There was silence. Eric could not hear anything from the outside world. However, Nicole averted her gaze in just a few seconds. ‘How is he even here?’ After Floyd finished his speech, everyone went up to exchange pleasantries and wish Nicole a happy birthday. Nicole responded appropriately to everyone. Yvette and Julie came over to her, but before Nicole could breathe a sigh of relief, she turned around and saw Eric walking over with a strong presence. Nicole was slightly stunned. When Eric got to h

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