Chapter 241 Triple-Killed

The moment Chloe Snyder raised her hand, the two burly men behind Nicole stepped forward. There was a very tacit understanding in their action. Just as they were about to touch Nicole, they suddenly felt a cold chill passing in front of them. Before they could react, Nicole disappeared before their eyes in a flash! The darkness created good conditions for Nicole. Nicole nimbly dodged to the side and pressed her body low. In an instant, she shifted behind them. Before the two men could realize what was going on, she lifted her right foot and took off one of her stilettos. She pinched the tip of the stiletto, so the heel was facing outward. With a swift and powerful momentum, her actions were so fast that she seemed to blur. Just when she was about to hit the man nearest to her, the man suddenly felt a cold breeze behind him. He instinctively ducked forward, intending to dodge the attack. However, the next second, Nicole suddenly twisted her wrist and smashed the stiletto over

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