The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 247 Earn Money Together

Chapter 247 Earn Money Together

Around five people followed behind Nicole, each in a suit and tie. Their temperaments were imposing, cold, and oppressive. Logan pressed the elevator button for Nicole, who did not bat an eye. The receptionist hurriedly informed General Manager Lydia’s secretary upstairs. The secretary was also Lydia’s cousin, June Smith, who thought that she was all that after getting a backer. When June heard that Nicole was coming, she snorted in disdain and continued to paint her nails. “She couldn’t wait to come and get a piece of the pie after hearing that we were going to make money? Dream on…” Those words just so happened to be heard by Nicole. The bodyguard behind Nicole opened the door for her. When June saw Nicole, she continued to sit without batting an eye. Her tone was rude as she said, “Ms. Stanton, our General Manager is away. You can come again next time…” Standing by the side, Logan’s face turned green. No employees dared to talk to Nicole like that. Nicole did not even loo

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