Chapter 24 My Queen

Eric Ferguson followed Keith’s gaze and was instantly stunned when he saw Nicole. Nicole was wearing a long silver-gray dress that was flared and glittery at the hemline and corseted at her slender waist. It made her look so tall and beautiful. Her long wavy hair was draped over her back and her temperament was incredibly striking. Keith Ludwig cursed under his breath. “What kind of small world is this?! Why did I run into someone I hate when I just want a drink…” Yvette’s group naturally noticed Eric and Keith. Although they did not want to see Eric and Keith’s faces, there was no reason to ignore the two men now that they ran into them. “Mr. Ludwig, have you finished cleaning up your messy love life? How are you still in the mood to come out for a drink? I guess the impact of that photo is still too small, huh?” Yvette scoffed. Keith was not willing to show any weakness and glared at the culprit Nicole at the back. He sneered and said, “Nicole, I underestimated you. I didn’t exp

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