The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 268 He Went to the South Pole for an Expedition

Chapter 268 He Went to the South Pole for an Expedition

The South Pole?! Nicole’s heart sank fiercely. It was not certain if that explorer friend of his would survive or not, let alone expect him to come and save them. That was just wishful thinking! So, when all was said and done, there was still no hope? Nicole turned pale. Nathaniel did his own thing and took out a lighter from his bag before beginning to boil water. “Then... Can you contact the outside world?” Nathaniel gave her a sincere look that dispelled all her hopes. “No.” “Haven’t you thought about how to leave this place?!” “I have. I thought that a fool would come here so that when someone comes to her rescue, they can take me along as well! In any case, I’m almost done with the content I’m looking for.” Nicole was speechless. ‘Is he saying that I’m a fool?!’ This knowledge completely dispelled her joy. What a tragedy! Nathaniel skillfully distilled the seawater, then proceeded to distill the already-distilled seawater. After repeating this process of distillation

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