The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 270 Don’t Rush to Donate

Chapter 270 Don’t Rush to Donate

Nicole already had a feeling that Nathaniel lacked money. After all, why would he do such a dangerous job if he was not short of money? She patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I have nothing if not money. If we ever get out, you never have to worry about not having money to spend as long as I’m around!” Nathaniel instantly grew emotional and looked at her with hot tears in his eyes. “Nikki, I’ll leave the rest of my life in your hands.” “No problem!” Nicole agreed easily. With her wealth, was it hard to take care of a friend’s financial needs? In the capital of Mediania. Maverick heard about Nicole’s accident when he finally came out of the research institute laboratory. Without a word, he immediately took a helicopter to that sea. Kai had not returned, which meant that the matter was not settled yet. The celebrities and dignitaries who had friendships with the Stantons also did not dare to add insult to injury in their moment of sadness. However, those who thought highly of

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