The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 28 Apologies Are Useless

Chapter 28 Apologies Are Useless

Eric Ferguson quickly left the table, leaving Keith stupefied as he received hostile glares from Nicole’s friends. The taut string in Keith’s heart suddenly snapped. Keith felt that those people led by Yvette just wanted to eat him alive. ‘Eric left me like that? Aren’t we bros?!’ Keith looked at the people in front of him and bit his lower lip as he spoke with no dignity, “Can you please spare me this time?” The whole group said in unison, “No!” Downstairs. Nicole came out from the side door where there was no crowd. She had just sent a text to her big brother, so his driver should be arriving soon. She also sent Yvette a message. “Nicole…” A raspy voice called her name as Eric’s tall and brawny figure stood at the side door. Nicole was stunned for a moment, then immediately put on her aloof and guarded look. Noticing her change in expression, Eric lowered his eyes slightly. “What’s the matter, Mr. Ferguson?” The light at the side door was dim and elongated their shadows.

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