The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 293 Who Will Be Interested in You?

Chapter 293 Who Will Be Interested in You?

Mitchell followed Eric from behind, carrying his suitcase. He looked at his boss’ despondent and cold figure and could not help but remind him in trepidation. “President, Lee’s phone…” Lee, the driver following behind them, watched in trepidation as his few-hundred-dollar phone was almost crushed in Eric’s hand. Mitchell was familiar with Nicole’s number, so Eric found a random number to call her. After all, Eric had saved her, so something should have changed between them. Who knew that once Nicole heard his name, she would hang up the phone without hesitation? Eric’s face was glum as he deleted the call record and threw the phone back to Mitchell. Eric had such an unapproachable aura about him. Mitchell gave the phone back to the driver, Lee, then quickly caught up to Eric. “President, the famous painter Mr. Wilheim invited you to attend the soft opening of his fine art exhibition restaurant this evening…” Stanton Mansion. Nicole hummed a tune while picking out an outfit fo

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