The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 308 I Miss You Too

Chapter 308 I Miss You Too

After Eric Ferguson finished speaking, there was an indescribable and eerie silence in the air. Nicole’s face stiffened, and her expression became extremely unnatural for a moment. Soon, she hooked up the corners of her lips into a faint cold smile. “Much better now. Even my memory has recovered extraordinarily well. I can now remember all the lies you told, Mr. Ferguson…” Nicole did not even bother to cover up anything. She just wanted to tear off Eric Ferguson’s fake face! However, Eric’s reaction was unexpected. He did not have a second of uneasiness and guilt, nor the nervousness and shame after being exposed. His frankness made Nicole look like she was the one being unreasonable. The corners of his lips carried a faint and gentle smile, as if he was being very tolerant and indulgent towards her mockery. “That’s good.” Nicole rolled her eyes and could not help but close her eyes and take a deep breath. Molly Stewart coughed and broke this awkward silence. “Nikki, what di

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