Chapter 315 Are You Upset?

Mikayla also seemed to be a little surprised, but the filming could not be stopped, so naturally, she could not back out. Besides, it was also live-streamed! The three men were very satisfied with the result. They thought that they would be able to win this round without any woman holding them back. Nicole did not say a word. Anyway, her goal was just to pass the checkpoint. She did not care whether she won or not. It was a pity that during the shooting process, their assistants could not follow them. Only the cameraman was there to do the filming and he would not provide any help. Nicole took the tools and the backpack provided, then took the map and went separate ways from the guys. She looked down and focused on the route. There was a mountain path and a water route. Nicole and Mikayla got the map with the mountain path. Mikayla walked behind Nicole. She looked at Nicole’s back with unconcealed envy in her eyes. She had been in showbiz for so many years, yet she only got th

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