The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 321 I Can Donate Blood

Chapter 321 I Can Donate Blood

Nicole thought, ‘What kind of stupid show is this? Is their purpose to torture us?!’ Miles picked up the diving equipment on the speedboat and put them on. Nicole was stunned. Miles looked at her and pondered for a moment. “Ms. Stanton, did you want to dive by yourself?” ‘There’s no escape…’ Nicole smiled awkwardly. “I don’t know how to swim…” Miles was silent for a full ten seconds before he digested this fact. Nathaniel, a professional explorer, had praised Nicole like she was a god, but it turned out that she did not know how to swim? Nicole sat there blinking innocently. She also felt ashamed. Miles paused in his actions. “Then... Just wait for me up here.” Nicole nodded solemnly. Miles put on the wetsuit and dived into the sea so elegantly that he barely made a splash. He truly lived up to his god-like explorer status. After three to four minutes, there was no movement. The sea was calm and unusually eerie. Nicole began to feel anxious and apprehensive. ‘Nothing will h

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