The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 337 Has Your Foot Recovered?

Chapter 337 Has Your Foot Recovered?

Everyone’s eyes turned to Eric in unison. The director introduced very grandly that the purpose of Eric’s visit was mostly to experience the innovative nature of this program. Nathaniel did not believe one word of it. He knew that his uncle was just being pervasive. His business finally survived after so much hardship, but it easily became one of many businesses under Eric’s portfolio. More annoyingly, Nathaniel had to grit his teeth and force himself to thank his “benevolent” Uncle Eric! Nathaniel felt like his chest was so stuffy that he could not breathe. The director smiled brightly and put an opaque box in the middle. “This time, we have six participants, two per group. Those who draw the same color will be a team.” Everyone was just about to draw their cards when the director stopped them. “Mr. Ferguson has a selection card in his hand. Since he’s our mystery guest this time, he has the priority to choose.” Eric stood there, looking tall and upright. His noble and stron

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