The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 341 Keep the Good Stuff Within the Family

Chapter 341 Keep the Good Stuff Within the Family

Mikayla froze in place and felt extremely embarrassed. to the extreme. Anyone could see what she was up to, but that man did not give her a chance. The director immediately responded and rewarded Mikayla with the right to lead the next game. The online comments were relentless. [I feel like Mikayla’s on a roll after her fall, but Mr. Ferguson just cut her off!] [Crippled Mikayla’s so dumb that it’s kinda funny…] [Everyone’s chatting and having fun. Goddess Nicole is the only one who’s serious about the treasure hunt, but she didn’t find anything. Poor bb…] [Am I the only one who thinks that Mr. Ferguson is longing for Goddess Nicole? His eyes are just too gentle when he looks at her!] ...... Everyone went to the next destination according to the treasure map that Mikayla found. On the road. Nathaniel leaned in close to Eric and snickered. “Uncle Eric, how can you just cheat like that? You just change the program without consulting anyone!” The director could not even say n

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