The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 34 Treated You Like a Sister

Chapter 34 Treated You Like a Sister

Nicole sneered and did not look at Eric Ferguson again. She took her phone and purse, then stomped away in her high heels. Her back was slim and gave off a sense of confidence. Ian raised his eyebrows and immediately followed after Nicole. Eric stood frozen in place. His gaze was as cold as frost. Nicole’s words felt like a thorn in his heart that made him uncomfortable. ‘Being a lowly servant to my family? When did the titular Mrs. Ferguson become a servant?’ It seemed that there were too many things that Eric was not aware of. As soon as Nicole walked out, she saw a red-faced Flint Zeller tugging on Samantha Lindt at the entrance. ‘So, she already knew and was prepared for it… Then was my move earlier superfluous? Tsk, tsk…’ Nicole thought. Nicole got into the car and left. When she heard Eric’s misunderstanding earlier, she felt hurt because he did not know what kind of person she was after three years of marriage. After a moment, Nicole regained composure and did not show a

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