The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 351 No Need to Swear on It

Chapter 351 No Need to Swear on It

At night, the city lights were bright and glimmering. Gremlin Club. Nicole went out happily. She wore a very casual plaid shirt and mini skirt today, which made her seem even taller and more slender because it showed off her long legs. No one could move their eyes away from her. Once she got to the private room, she saw Nathaniel spraying a bottle of champagne everywhere as he chased after Miles. It was very lively. Fabian sat on the side and was talking to the director about something. He looked very relaxed. When he saw Nicole, his eyes lit up. He smiled and stood up to greet her. “Ms. Stanton, you’re here!” The director and others also greeted her. There were some who looked unfamiliar to her. They were probably some of Nathaniel’s fellow explorers. Mikayla sat alone in the corner. She was dressed very extravagantly like she was about to walk the red carpet. At this time, no one cared about her as she sat there by herself. Since the last bungee jumping incident where the c

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