Chapter 360 Don’t Cry

As soon as Nicole finished speaking, Eric’s face froze for a moment. However, it only lasted for a split second. The corners of his lips curled up gently as he lifted his slender fingers, wanting to brush away some strands of her hair that were blown up by the wind around her ear. Nicole instantly tilted her head to avoid him. He withdrew his hand. His voice was hoarse and low, but his eyes were filled with tenderness. “Really? Well... That doesn’t affect me treating you to lunch anyway.” Nicole took a deep breath. ‘Why is he like a bloody bubblegum stuck to my shoe that I can’t even get rid of?!’ “But I don’t want to eat with you. Mr. Ferguson, you should be more sensible.” Eric narrowed his eyes. His smile gradually widened, and his voice was gentle and mellow. “I’m not sensible.” Nicole was so angry that her chest felt stuffy. She just turned and walked away, not wanting to say another word with this irritating fool. The gloom in Eric’s eyes dispersed. He spoke helplessly

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