The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 363 Going to Live With Her

Chapter 363 Going to Live With Her

Nicole asked all her friends, but no one was willing to accompany her to the amusement park. Even Yvette and Julie rejected her invite. Thus, she could only bring Tigger with her. Nicole disguised Tigger into a cat by wearing cute little clothes for it so that it looked like a cute kitty. Tigger stayed in her tote bag and poked his head out every now and then. “Wow! I wanna go on the merry-go-round! I also wanna go on the roller coaster!” ...... Nicole said, “Calm down, you’re a cat!” Tigger felt aggrieved and picked at her three-million-dollar tote bag. “Meow…” Nicole could not help but laugh and stroked its head. “That’s a good boy…” She came here for business. Since they did not have a picture of the butler, Nicole could only guess that he would be slightly older. Thus, she had been staring at the older man. However, none of them looked like they could be Clayton Sloan’s butler because they all came with children. Nicole walked around the park. Suddenly, a kid wearing a

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