The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 368 Give Me a Kiss?

Chapter 368 Give Me a Kiss?

Eric said, “Open it and take a look.” His eyes were gentle. His side profile looked like it had been outlined by a brush. It was exquisite, deep, and clear. He also had such an awe-inspiring and noble vibe. Nicole was speechless and opened the box. It was a limited-edition bracelet from a famous luxury brand. There was only one of this in the world. It was indeed beautiful. It was even more exquisite and refined than the advertisements she saw. She did not get to book it in time and did not think that Eric got his hands on it. Eric raised his large hand and poured her a cup of tea. He raised his eyebrows to look at the little kid next to him and reluctantly poured him a cup. Lil Michael excitedly leaned in to see the bracelet. ‘Luckily, it’s not as big as my bracelet!’ “Old Mister, you’re too petty. How can you be afraid to spend money on a girl?” Eric raised his eyebrows speechlessly. Lil Michael confidently took out his red velvet box. “Pretty Lady, this is my gift for you.

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