Chapter 372 Super Cute

When Nicole came out of the office lobby, she saw Lil Michael leaning against the side of the van with a cool pose. His delicate little face attracted a lot of attention. His sapphire eyes were very animated as they sparkled. He simply looked so cute. ‘When this little charmer grows up, he’ll surely be a heartbreaker…’ Nicole thought. As soon as Michael saw Nicole, he ran over excitedly and hugged her legs, then rubbed his head on the side of her thigh. His voice was soft and cute. “Pretty Lady, I miss you so much…” Nicole laughed speechlessly. Her heart melted. She was not at all annoyed by the sudden appearance of this little boy. Rather, she felt an inexplicable sense of affection towards him. “Lil Michael, I miss you too…” Nicole squatted down to talk to him and could not help but tousle his curly hair. It felt so soft! Lil Michael carried a big box without any brand on it and handed it to her. “Pretty Lady, will you attend a party with me today?” Nicole looked at him in

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