The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 374 You’re My Honored Guest

Chapter 374 You’re My Honored Guest

The butler at the back shook fiercely, but it was already too late. He had almost forgotten that this young master was not an easy child to fool! What a nuisance! Christian Jenner urged the butler on the side. “Let’s go in quickly! We can’t let Nicole get to it first! How did she show up here so suddenly?” The butler gritted his teeth and could only take them in first. Every staff member working for Clayton Sloan knew the butler, so when he led the two strangers, not even an invitation was needed. The waiter who had not left yet paused for a while. “Mr. Sloan only said to invite Young Master and Ms. Stanton inside. He didn’t mention anyone else.” The butler’s face changed slightly. “Nonsense! I’m the butler of this family! Mr. Sloan won’t blame me. I’ll take the blame if anything happens.” The butler then led Christian and Xion Jenner inside. The banquet hall was lavishly decorated. The standard hotel’s furnishings were all replaced with the highest quality furnishings for t

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