The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 380 I Have to Marry You

Chapter 380 I Have to Marry You

Lil Michael pouted. His crystal-clear eyes glimmered with anticipation. He was so cute that Nicole’s heart instantly melted. “Michael, Pretty Lady still has things to do. You should go upstairs and do your homework!” Clayton looked at the time and spoke in a clear, cold voice. Lil Michael instantly looked disappointed. He glared miserably at his father. He could never get rid of all this homework no matter where they went! What bad luck! Nicole thought about the little boy in that photo. He had grown so big. She somehow felt closer to him. She stroked his head of curly hair and looked at him gently. “I’ll play with you tomorrow, alright?” Lil Michael blinked his large clear eyes and looked so pitiful. Just when Nicole thought that he would understand and let go, Lil Michael suddenly grabbed onto her dress and hugged her tightly. His eyes were firm and sly. “No, no! I don’t wanna do homework! I wanna sleep with Pretty Lady and follow you home! Daddy, you can be alone!” The b

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