Chapter 398 Eavesdropping

“Mr. Ferguson ordered me not to go upstairs and disturb them. Ms. Stanton is treating him coldly, but I think she’s faking it. She’s just playing hard to get…” The nanny, Lucy, deliberately lowered her voice. “Click—” The kitchen suddenly lit up. Lucy stood up in shock and dropped the phone to the ground in a panic. At the moment the screen dimmed, Nicole saw the name on it. Madam Ferguson. ‘So… She’s on the phone with Quinn…’ Nicole thought. Lucy shuddered and looked at Nicole with panic in her eyes, stumbling over her words. “M-Ms. Nicole, w-what are you doing here?” Nicole swept her an indifferent glance. Her eyes were dark and sunken without a trace of warmth. She went over to take the carton of milk, poured it into a glass, and left. Lucy picked up the phone with trembling hands and suddenly felt a little flustered when she looked at Nicole’s back. Nicole went upstairs while drinking the milk. She had already finished the glass by the time she reached the door of the s

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