The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 400 Are You Angry?

Chapter 400 Are You Angry?

“The most outrageous thing is that she even forgot to give Mr. Ferguson his medicine yesterday and made him take double the dose this morning! She must be trying to kill him. That woman is simply too vicious. She probably wants to take revenge on him… Madam, if that woman marries into the family again, she’ll surely bring trouble!” ...... Eric’s expression changed abruptly. His originally surprised and happy look was gradually replaced by coldness and gloom. A sharp and dangerous haze seemed to coat his face. He did not say anything, but his fingers clutching the wheelchair began to turn white. The veins on his arms bulged as he held himself back. Nicole sat calmly on the steps as if she was listening to some gossip that had nothing to do with her. There was even a faint but cold smile on her face. Her calmness was like a knife that gouged out his heart little by little. Eric thought that by bringing her back, he would be able to make her forget about the ugly past and make some

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