The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 403 Asking for External Aid

Chapter 403 Asking for External Aid

Imperial Gardens. Eric’s face was pallid as he sat in the doorway, looking at the numerous people going back and forth to move Quinn into the ambulance. The noise seemed to be very distant. Was he sad? No, not really. He was just a little shocked. Eric was shocked that Quinn hated Nicole to the point of wanting to murder her. What Eric disregarded in the past had caused that hatred to fester and grow. Mitchell finished with the arrangements and turned around to see Eric sitting in his wheelchair, motionless. His face was dark, cold, and sullen. Even if Eric was injured, the coldness and ferocity that surrounded him did not diminish one bit. Mitchell pursed his lips and walked over with trepidation and worry. “President, don’t worry. The doctor said that she just lost too much blood. There’s no danger to her life.” Eric did not speak, but his dark eyes became darker. Mitchell was unable to see the depths of them. Eric slammed the armrest of the wheelchair and spoke in a dee

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