The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 406 Professional Bootlicker

Chapter 406 Professional Bootlicker

Mitchell’s cousin, Toto, was dedicated and refused to let go of a chance to get these two people together. Eric looked at Toto with an expressionless face and was speechless. Luca rolled his eyes, not wanting to look at Toto. The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched. “Mr. Ferguson, I see that you’ve changed your criteria for selecting staff, huh?” The people around Eric were the crème de la crème of their fields. Toto did not look like he had any advantages. Based on Eric’s past preferences, Toto would have been eliminated due to his physique. It was very unexpected that he made it as Eric’s butler. The sun really rose from the west! Eric pursed his lips and was about to find an excuse, but Toto just went up and smiled with curved eyes. “Ms. Stanton, I came in through the back door!” Nicole nodded and was very interested. “Whose relative?” Toto squirmed around and said, “I’m Mitchell’s cousin. Don’t tell anyone about this. Otherwise, people will talk. It’s really annoying!” Nic

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