Chapter 411 Mocked

Eric Ferguson rolled his wheelchair to the bathroom. Since he injured his leg, he wore baggy pants so that it was not difficult to take off. However, after some thought, he still put on his pajama pants. After all, he could not do anything at the moment, so he should not go too far. If Nicole was frightened by him, she might run away in a fit of anger. Eric surveyed his bare upper body with satisfaction. His chest was strong and lean, with well-defined lines. His sculpted muscles on the back and abs moved gently with breathing. His usual cold vibes were replaced with charisma. Toto’s reminder came to Eric’s mind. “Mr. Ferguson, your body and face are simply amazing! No woman will be able to resist your appeal, so during the bath, you don’t have to say anything. Just let Ms. Stanton indulge and enjoy her view. If she’s a little shy, it means that it’s a success!” Eric was a little doubtful, but he would give it a shot. A few minutes later, he heard the sound of someone opening th

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