The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 418 Preferred Ladies

Chapter 418 Preferred Ladies

Nicole looked at Eric indifferently and said, “Clayton said that he found a clue about the car accident. I’m meeting him at a reception and will be back later.” Eric’s complexion became solemn and cold. He pursed his lips. “Be careful then.” Nicole nodded and went downstairs. Luca followed her. Toto hurriedly caught up to them. “I’ll go too! Ms. Stanton, take me with you. I’ll protect you!” Nicole was very reluctant to speak because she felt that her words might hurt his pride. Luca rolled his eyes and said, “Ms. Stanton is safe with me.” “Luca, you’re an obvious bodyguard, but I can protect Ms. Stanton covertly! That way, it’ll be safer.” Toto looked at Eric expectantly. ‘Hurry! Say something for yourself!’ Eric pursed his lips. “Take him with you then. If anything happens, you don’t need to care about his survival.” Toto was speechless. Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Whatever…” When they arrived at the venue of the reception, Luca got out and opened the door for her. As soon

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