The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 427 Held the Wrong Person

Chapter 427 Held the Wrong Person

While the attending doctor was doing the examination, Eric had to let go of his hand for a moment. In less than a minute, Eric did not hear Nicole’s movement and urged. “Nicole, give me your hand…” Eric’s voice was weak and pitiful. The doctors thought to themselves, ‘Mr. Ferguson and Ms. Stanton have such a good relationship… It’s such a surprise that Mr. Ferguson is so clingy!’ A moment later, a hand reached over. Eric saw it through the corner of his eye and immediately grabbed her wrist. His heart was racing, but he felt at ease. He dared not caress her hand for fear of angering her. Seeing that she compromised, all the grievance he felt earlier quietly dissipated. The examination lasted ten minutes, during which time Eric’s heart was pounding violently. When it was over, he suddenly heard Toto’s voice coming from outside. “Ms. Stanton, are you sure you only want one small cup of tea? Let me serve you another cup…” The voice gradually approached. “No, thanks. I’m done.”

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