The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 430 You’re the Nastiest

Chapter 430 You’re the Nastiest

In the beginning, everyone thought that Melanie would marry Colton White, so they sucked up to her in every way. When Colton married someone else, Melanie suddenly found that she was kicked out of that elite circle. Thus, no one would help her. Nicole looked at Melanie with a cold gaze. She wondered how Melanie got on deck because they were some distance from the shore! Unfortunately, without an invitation, Melanie was stopped outside by the bodyguards. Nicole stood there and did not intend to let her in. “Help you? On what grounds?” Melanie stood there looking soft and weak. “Ms. Stanton, although we don’t know each other well, you ruined my life, so don’t you have any sense of guilt?” It was clearly reproachful words, but Melanie acted aggrieved and weak, yet aggressive. Melanie blamed everything on Nicole. If Nicole had not gone to their private room with Miles that day, Melanie would have been Mrs. White by now. She was resentful since she fell from glory. Melanie thou

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