The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 433 Marriage Alliance

Chapter 433 Marriage Alliance

“What does it have to do with her?!” Keith could not help but raise his voice. He had been friends with Eric for so many years, but Eric was still speculating whether Nicole wanted to go to his birthday party. Keith did not expect Ms. Nicole Stanton to show up at his party. Nicole overheard their conversation and turned around. Suddenly, a small figure ran towards her with a regretful expression. “Pretty Lady…” Nicole stood in place and smiled gently. “Lil Michael, what’s wrong?” Naturally, Eric and Keith noticed them. Keith pushed Eric’s wheelchair over. “What a coincidence! We were just looking for you, Ms. Stanton…” Keith said with a smile. Nicole ignored him and stroked Lil Michael’s curly hair. His sapphire eyes looked very disappointed. “I searched the entire cruise ship and couldn’t find your favorite white chrysanthemums…” There was a momentary silence. Nicole thought to herself, ‘That’s a good thing!’ Keith could not help but laugh. “If you can find white chrysant

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