The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 436 Are You Going Too?

Chapter 436 Are You Going Too?

Nicole finished her phone call, opened her laptop, and checked her emails. There were so many documents to deal with every day. Logan would filter out the important ones for her in the mailbox and deal with the rest on her behalf. Nicole sent Logan a message reminding him of a few things that were more urgent, including J&L Corporation’s project. She was not confident that Tucker would be able to handle everything. While Nicole was busy with work, Tigger jumped into her lap. It held up its head with its front little paws, looking extremely adorable. “Mama, I miss Papa…” Nicole, who was about to hug Tigger, froze and glared at it instead. “Why do you even miss him?!” Tigger twitched its whiskers. “It’s my emotional interaction setting that Molly Stewart designed. I need to think of Mama and Papa ten times a day in order to cultivate deep feelings...” Nicole laughed lightly. ‘Even feelings can be controlled with AI, huh?’ She stroked its little head. “Then why don’t you think o

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