Chapter 438 Precious Hand

Nicole looked at Clayton’s hand with understanding and put on her seatbelt. She smiled and asked, “Mr. Sloan, is it okay for you to take so much time off?” Clayton said indifferently, “Yeah. My project partner isn’t even around, so should I stay to talk to Gerard and Tucker? I’ve announced a short break for that project and for them to get the core research done first. When we get back, it’ll be just in time to see what they come up with.” Nicole heard this and blushed with a little guilt. She felt like she was not doing her job well. Clayton paused for a moment. “Of course, Lil Michael really wants to come. He hasn’t forgiven me for reprimanding him last night, so I ought to tag along.” Speaking of Lil Michael, Nicole chuckled. “So that’s what it is, huh? Mr. Sloan, you’re a really good father to Lil Michael. He must love you very much.” What a loving father and son relationship! Clayton smiled and did not respond. He thought to himself, ‘Love me?! My son just wants to inherit

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