The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 444 Shouldn’t Waste Food

Chapter 444 Shouldn’t Waste Food

Nicole wanted to say something sarcastic but thinking of the fireworks earlier, her tone eased a little. “You think too much. Sleep early.” Before she closed the door, Eric tilted his head a little and suddenly said, “I’m hungry. I want what you’re having.” Toto immediately said, “That’s the last portion… Ms. Stanton, you’ll be bored if you eat alone, why don’t you share some with Mr. Ferguson?” It would be a romantic supper for just the two of them! Nicole narrowed her eyes and did not say anything. Eric added, “I won’t eat much…” He only wanted to go to her room and accompany her for one meal. Nicole raised her eyebrows and laughed lightly. She turned around, picked up the tray, and handed it to Toto. “Okay, I’m not eating. It’s all yours.” She really regretted holding back her harsh words earlier. Eric’s stupid habit of pushing his luck really made her want to kick him to death. Eric wrinkled his eyebrows. “I don’t mean this.” “But I do,” she said. “Aren’t you hungry?”

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