The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 448 Don’t Come In

Chapter 448 Don’t Come In

Luca did not move and stood there like a boulder. Toto ran in circles around Luca and was insistent. “Just eat it! Ms. Stanton won’t be able to come out for a while. Girls always have a lot to say to each other!” Luca remained unmoved. Toto simply ate a large bite in front of Luca in an attempt to stir up his cravings. “Wow! It’s delicious…” Luca coldly swept Toto a glance and continued to stare at that glass panel not far away. Through that glass panel, he could see the three people sitting there, talking happily and laughing. Toto swallowed the mouthful of ice cream and subconsciously followed Luca’s gaze. His face changed dramatically. Toto’s hands trembled unconsciously, so much so that the two cups of ice cream he held fell to the ground. ‘Men? Why would there be men over there?! Wait… That man sitting next to Nicole is Clayton Sloan?!’ Toto just felt like he was struck by lightning on a clear day. ‘No! That can’t be real!’ Luca shot Toto a disgusted look for litterin

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